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At Alpha Building Consultants we offer a wide range of inspections. Our Brandon, Madison and Jackson residential home inspections for both the buyer and the seller involve inspecting the entire property including all structural, electrical, air conditioning system and plumbing. Each report is in narrative form, not just a check list which leaves you wondering. There is a full summary of items you may want to look at first. The wording of your inspection report is always done with the utmost care.

Our goal is not to “impress” with technical words but rather to inform you with easy to read, straight forward comments. You will find plenty of quality color photos with every home inspection. Our goal is for you will understand every item in the home by the time we are finished. Our Brandon, Madison and Jackson home inspectors will go over each item in the inspection with you, either at the inspection or on the phone later. You are always invited to the inspection but we understand circumstances can prevent you from attending and we always want to be sure you have all your questions answered.

For more than a decade, now almost two decades, our home inspectors have provided honest, objective, and thorough inspection reports. From the first contact with us through the inspection delivery and explanation of your report, you will experience the ultimate in professionalism.

While Brandon, Madison and Jackson Mississippi is our home base we also provide home inspections for Pearl, Flowood, Byram, Clinton, and Central Mississippi. Quite often we travel out of town and inspect homes throughout Mississippi.

Along with home inspection we also conduct Commercial Inspections throughout the Southeastern United States including but not limited to Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Both ASTM and non-ASTM inspections are conducted along. Charlie’s background in Industrial Accounting assists in the reserve studies.

Charlie has conducted Property Condition Assessments for retail properties, multi-family dwellings, high rise buildings, low rise buildings, warehouses, storage units, rehabilitation centers and more. The size of the properties range from small strip malls to million square foot centers. He is happy to provide sample reports upon request.

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Meet Our Team

Charlie and Sandy Sessums: Owners

Charlie Sessums is a Licensed Home Inspector (MHIB 0187 NH) in the state of Mississippi and has been appointed by the Governor to the Mississippi Home Inspection Regulatory Board. He resigned when asked to be a Subject Matter Expert for the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors (EBPHI). He served on the EBPHI Board of Directors for eight years. He is also a licensed builder (# R05453). Remember, in Mississippi you have to be a licensed builder to inspect new construction. He is married to Sandy who runs the office and does most of the marketing for the company. They have two children, Jon and Cori along with one grandchild. They are active in their church and love to talk to people about adoption – both for infants and older children.

Mr. Sessums is a Licensed Home Inspector (MHIB 0187 NH) in the state of Mississippi.

Charlie’s CV

Lee Boyd – Inspector

Lee graduated from French Camp Academy in 1993 and attended Mississippi State University. A couple of years after college, he enlisted into the Army National Guard where he served for six years, chaulking up one tour in Afghanistan. He was in the home remodeling business for ten years before deciding to become an inspector with Alpha Building Consultants. He is married to a past Alpha client and they have a wonderful daughter.

Lee has been inspecting with Alpha since 2009.

Lilli – Head of Security?

Lilli is just a sweet office dog. She will bark to warn you of her big brother but then put her paws on your leg begging for some love.

J.P.: Company Jester

J.P. has always been our company jester. He is cute and silly and seldom has a clue what is going on but he doesn’t care as long as he is a part of things.

Diesel – The real security dog

Diesel the official guard dog. He is a big baby who likes to sleep on soft comfy things he can leap into guard mode if anyone comes near.