“Sandy and Charlie are great and very thorough in their inspections!”

Gretchen G.


Charlie, thank you for your professionalism! You received high praises from all parties involved as to your knowledge on site.


He let me know he was available should I have any questions or concerns. Excellent service, invaluable information obtained and a great tool for planning. Allen was very professional and nice to work with! Donna R.

Available for Questions

Thank you Mr. Sessums! This was very informative and helpful. I appreciate the time and care you put into your reply. Much appreciated!


Lee went above and beyond what he had to do and made a 1st time homebuyer’s home inspection experience incredibly smooth.

1st Time Home Buyer Review

of Inspection in Madison County

It was great. Lee described the photos he took and the things he noticed. The report was comprehensive and easy to follow. They were also quick to respond to questions I asked through my realtor.

Comprehensive and Easy to

Follow Report

Sandy, thank you so much for working through the technical issues with the call center and emails and electrical outage! We adore Allen and appreciate his complete attention to detail. His promptness and professionalism is beyond reproach. His respect for the client along with the seller’s property is obvious in every step. Even if that step is misplaced!!! His honesty and sincere regret for any mishap is truly felt. We will as always continue to request his expertise in future transactions. His speediness in completing the report acknowledges his understanding of the contract limitations and assists in reaching an agreeable closing on time.

Again, thank you and your best inspector!!!

Honest and Sincere

I was very pleased with my Inspector, Lee. He was very thorough and professional.

Professional June 2017


I feel so blessed to have had the BEST home inspection performed today by Allen Elliott. He was so informative and his patience and professionalism was beyond reproach. His “bad news” was sincerely and gently delivered along with his knowledge and recommendations for our next step. I feel confident that my buyer is being protected.

Sincerely and Gently Delivered News

We were very impressed with the turnaround time between inspection and delivery of report. Report is very clean, clear, easy to follow and understand, and because of this it makes it easier to go through and make a list of items they wish to be repaired. Lee was wonderful, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. They needed the inspection ASAP and was pleased that we were able to work it into a full schedule. She and her husband are both in real estate and will definitely be using us again and will be referring us to anyone looking for an inspector.

Quick Turnaround

The office staff was very professional; absolutely amazing, super nice, friendly, and helpful. “This was my first home buying experience, very stressful but you made it so much easier and were so friendly.” – T B

Nice Office Staff

Lee arrived prior to me. He was very thorough and told me everything I needed to know. He answered all my questions and gave me great information. The online system was easy to use and it was nice to be able to complete things online. The report was good, easy to read and understand and included a summary that was very helpful and great to have. Lee was there when I needed him and did a great job. G C

Online System Helpful

Thank you for your assistance in my inspection, it opened my eyes to a lot of things.T B

Opened Eyes


As the home buyer my goal in getting an inspection was to protect from expensive “surprises” when it came time to purchasing a home. I loved the communication and enjoyed getting to talk to Sandy via phone chats. The inspection was very thorough and I will recommend you to my friends and family.

No expensive surprises

Lee was there before I arrived and I was there 5-10 minutes early myself. He told me about stuff I would have never thought to ask. Great Job. He was very thorough and told me everything I needed to know. The report was very good, easy to read and understand. The summary was very helpful and good to have. He sent report and pictures on time as promised via email. Tony

Great job

Mr. Sessums was great! The online system was simple to use. It was great to be able to complete things online. It was nice to pay online and not have to worry about that at the time of service. Charlie was there before I arrived. He answered all my questions and gave me great information. I had several questions before he inspected the house and he answered those as well. Charlie was very thorough and full of helpful information and advice. Very honest. I trusted everything he said with ease. The report was very good, easy to ready and understand. The summary was very helpful and good to have. Charlie was there when I needed him and did a great job. I had a question about the roof and he not only called me back but he told me who I could contact if we ever need repairs on the roof. Mr Charlie was referred to us by our realtor and he warned us Mr. Charlie was going to be 100% honest and thorough with the inspection but he was the best. We trusted our realtor and upon meeting Mr. Charlie we knew we could trust him. Jessie P

Warned Alpha was thorough

Best home inspection we’ve ever had! Terrific report, especially for our son who is a first time home buyer. S.L.

First Time Buyer

I’m buying an old home (early 1900s) and had one inspection done by another company. I decided to have another inspection and it was a huge difference. Now I feel like I know the condition of the property and what needs to be addressed. Great job.

Older Home

Thank you for a very thorough inspection. Above and beyond what I expected.

Above and beyond

We are finally getting settled in. Currently in the process of hanging items on the wall to make the place feel more like home. Actually I have used the trick of the flashlight against the wall to look for the studs. Thank you so much for doing our inspection and being so helpful. I’m looking forward to doing some projects myself around the home. In the future we will be changing up the master bathroom and will be contacting you to find the best person to give us what we want.

Helpful tips

One of my partners looked at the report prepared on my behalf. He made comment that it was very thorough and great report and was impressed by all of the information/in depth data provided. He also commented that you guys prevented me from making a costly mistake. Just thought I’d let you know – P. W.

Thorough report


Charlie, it was a pleasure meeting you this morning and I apologize for having to depart prior to you finishing the inspection. It is obvious to me that you enjoy and are passionate about your profession. Angela and I thank you for what you do for families in turning houses to homes. Tracy S

Lee was there before I arrived. He answered all my questions and gave me great information. He was very thorough and told me everything I needed to know. The report was very good, easy to read and understand. The summary of the report was very helpful and good to have. Lee was there when I needed him and did a great job.

The inspection was very thorough. This is my first experience buying a home and I really feel good knowing what I’m getting into. Lee, the inspector, did an awesome job explaining everything. He was very professional, yet very friendly. I really appreciate your service and patience in this process, we had a little situation with the tenant and I was ready to go into panic mode but observing how cool Lee was about it helped keep me calm. So, thanks for everything. Theresia

Oh gosh ! I expected a response Monday mornin !!! Y’all are on the ball!! Sorry to interrupt your Saturday night with a work email!!!!! Thanks for everything ! Robbie B


The office staff were very professional and gave me all the information that I needed. The online system was simple. It was great to be able to complete things online. Lee was there before I arrived. He answered all my questions and gave me great information. Lee was very thorough and told me everything I needed to know. The report was very good and easy to read and understand. The report summary was very helpful and good to have. I did not have any questions. Love the work y’al do! Also thank you for some great references for plumbers and HVAC businesses! Christy S

I was very happy with the inspection. It gave me information to provide for the sellers to fix some things before closing. I was very impressed with the quick response to my request and the inspector’s skills. Thanks, Patty

We had an inspection for a 3500 sq foot home. They were extremely thorough. They checked the outside/inside of the home top to bottom. They inspected the A/C and heating system and the sprinkler system. They gave us a detailed report including photos. They are readily available even on weekends for any questions or concerns. Great experience. Would definitely recommend. Our neighbors used them as well. They are professional, timely, and on the ball every step of the way. We had them come out to do a follow up inspection.

I had a home inspection performed on an older house and its crawlspace in Belhaven. Easy to book, acceptable and fair pricing. Allen arrived and completed a very thorough inspection and pointed out issues to consider needing attention. The final report was delivered next morning to my surprise. I would use them again. Michael F

I had to change my inspection date 2 or 3 times and they were always flexible. They answered all the questions that I had. They still follow up to see if there is anything they can help me with. I talked to Sandy on the phone and she was really nice. The inspector was really knowledgeable and he explained things to us. We asked about a couple of things that he didn’t know and he was able to tell us how we could find the information that we needed. We would use them again. Rachel S

We are very pleased with the recent inspection you did at Riverwood in Pearl. Your inspector was thorough and gave a very fair , honest, and easy to understand verbal report to the buyer, our client. And, the fact that it was done on the 4th of July, at our client’s request, we thought was beyond what could have been expected. Your office staff also handled the matter very well, including their check up with us. Thanks, Sam & Mort F

Ya’ll responded with an appointment the very next day, Lee showed up early, answered all of my questions, was very professional, thorough….it was just a wonderful experience all around. Krissi K


Staff is excellent. Very patient with a 1st time home buyer. I appreciated the time he took to explain everything. Mike Anderson November 2012

“It is so frustrating dealing with all this, and I just thank you so much for looking out for me, I really, REALLY appreciate it, and in the future I’ll be ecstatic to help you generate as much business as possible by recommending you to everyone I know that is purchasing a home and needs and AWESOME home inspector:)…Renea Thompson. 9/11/2012

I was very pleased with Charlie’s ability/willingness to explain everything. Johnny Kochtitzky 7/31/2012

Sandy was friendly and helpful. Her kind manner put me at ease. Lee was thorough and informative. The follow-up call was thoughtful. Ellen Champaign 7/30/2012

“I’ m very thankful that Alpha Building Consultants completed the home inspection for us. When I arrived the day of the inspection, Mr. Charlie was already prepared to give me a ton of information about the house. He took his time to cover every detail and thoroughly answered all my questions. Like Sandy mentioned, he also gave me some advice to help in the long term care of the house. The report was very professional and was easy for anyone to read it and have a good understanding. He even didn’t mind when I called a few days later to get an explanation about the condition of an appliance.” Richard Witty (on FB) 7/30/2012

Alpha completed a home inspection in Ridgeland, Ms. I would like to thank you for your excellent service. The inspection was done very well and he was very meticulous and thorough in his approach. You were very helpful and gave us the comfort that we needed. We were very confident that all issues were brought to our attention. The report was very clear and well written, the photo’s put things into perspective because we were not able to attend. Not only did he find the various faults he gave us some advice on how to correct the fault and also what the implication were if the fault was not corrected. We were very happy with the service provided. Thank you. Shane Dejong 7/30/2012

Thanks for doing the inspection yesterday. It was a pleasure for us. It brought to light some items we need to be concerned about and may have saved me some college money for my son. Once we identify the cost of the major items if we can come to terms with the seller we still want the house. Carlis Faler 7/6/2012

I’m glad that I followed my first mind and chose the best person for the job. Everything went smoothly and this gave me a piece of mind as far as closing the deal on the house.

You guys have been amazing. Thanks for such a thorough job. You guys definitely deserve your A+ rating on Angie’s List!! Sabrina Huckabay 6/24/2012

Thanks – this report was well worth the money. Charlie did a excellent job. Some the things he found I can live with but some I cannot. I am going to have to rethink the purchase. I don’t know whether the owner will want to make the repairs/changes I would have to have or not. I see now why he was reluctant for me to have the inspection prior to purchase rather than after. 6/22/2012

He tailored his explanations based upon my knowledge and experience.

Very pleased. I felt like I got a thorough inspection and all my questions were answered while I was there. I appreciated that Allen gave me honest feedback about doing a mold test and told me it wasn’t really necessary. He could’ve easily sold me on this but was honest about it.

Excellent! Overall wonderful experience. Tina matthews

He was very informative and non alarming.

Services were exceptional. It was great to have a thorough knowledge of the home we finally purchased. The report allowed us to realize which repairs were important before the sale was complete. Robert and Rachel Daniel 4/2/2012

He was very nice and respectful and explained every detail to us. His communication was strong in the fact that he backed up his comments to and suggestions with knowledgeable advice. He is a great inspector and I will use him again. Zach and Ashly New 4/1/2012

Lee was perfect. He did a great job and opened my eyes to a lot of things. Claiborne Henderson. 3/3/2012

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Many, many thanks for handling and taking care of the unresolved issues at xxxx for buyer xxxx. Your help has made all the difference for this sale to go to closing!!! Billy Shaw 2/23/2012


“My inspector arrived early and had already completed the outside before I arrived. He was very professional and friendly. He answered all my questions where I could understand them and explained the details very well. The inspection was very thorough and I was very pleased. I was very impressed and would work with Alpha again. The report was received the same day of the inspection – very quick. The pictures in the report helped explain problems. You can do nothing better – you are already a 10.” Luke 8/8/2011

“Hello, Sandy. I am in my new home 🙂 I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful service and the great inspection! My house is in great shape with no major problems, I am so confident with the integrity of my house because of the great inspection! Thank you for all the helpful e-mails. I look forward to keeping a great relationship with you all!” Katie Rowland 6/30/2011

“I was referred to Alpha Inspection by a friend. My inspector, Charlie was on time and presented himself very professionally and was very knowledgeable. He was very clear in his interpretation of what he found. Being very thorough, even the homeowner was impressed. The service I received from Alpha Inspection was fantastic and I will be recommending you guys. The report was very clearly summarized and noted. It was easy to understand. I don’t think there is anything you could do to improve. That’s an honest statement as the professionalism of the company and thoroughness of the inspection was quite beyond what I have experienced before.” David Canizaro 4/12/2011

“I wanted to make a few comments about your business from a technology point of view. I’m the IT manager at the company where I work, so maybe my comments are relevant and credible. The web site is excellent. It’s well laid out, simple to navigate, very professional. There are some images referenced in the HTML for the home but they don’t display on the screen. The “Stress Relief” page is great! I found Alpha Inspection by doing a Google search for “home inspector Brandon MS”. Your company was #1 on the list. I attended a presentation a few months ago where the topic was Search Engine Optimization. Whoever built your web site made use of this – either intentionally or accidentally. Lee got there a little early (no problem) and started work outside. The last time I had used a home inspector was in 2004 when I sold my parent’s house in north Jackson. The method Lee used was totally different from that used by that inspector in 2004. He came in with a clipboard and a camera – probably film. When I saw Lee’s laptop computer and digital camera, I knew this was going to be a cool experience. When Lee had finished, he reviewed with me what he had found on the computer. No real surprises; about what I had expected for a 33 year old house. Accessing the report was easy. As a part-time handyman myself, it was very readable. I’ve already fixed a couple of minor things. The property belonged to an aunt of mine who died last year. As executor of her estate, selling her house is the final step. I’m pleased to have dealt with such a professional company in this effort. I would gladly recommend Alpha Inspection to anyone in the central Mississippi area. Keep up the good work!” Neill Stewart 3/30/2011

“You came well-recommended by our agent and our friend, who had used your services. Charlie was great – very professional but not stuffy. He explained everything in terms we could understand and was very helpful in helping us see the forest for the trees. Your service overall was great 3/8/2011

“My inspector, Lee Boyd, was very thorough and he explained things well to me. The report was received the next morning. I was extremely happy with the turnaround. The report was very easy to follow and flowed really well. I thought Alpha did a great job all around.” Joshua Noffke 1/31/2011


“I thought Lee did a wonderful job. He found things I would never have thought to check and pointed out concerns that might be dangerous to my daughter. I felt he took time to consider looking at things that may have been overlooked by someone else.” Vicki Huggins 12/230/2010

“I was a bit nervous at first, but the inspector (Lee Boyd) explained what was going to be done, and he did a very good job.” – Ophelia Holmes 11/30/2010

“My inspector presented himself very professionally. His communication was clear and understandable. The thoroughness of the inspection was above and beyond the norm. I am confident with the overall service I received.” – Larry Grubbs 10/2010

“I just want to thank you for your uplifting emails. Life can be very difficult and I find these uplifting and I need it!!! Charlie inspected my roof over 2 years ago after the tornado and I will always call on you all for inspections. As a single mother, I do not know if workers do what they are supposed to do when it is something I have no knowledge of. I have been taken advantage of and do not know it until I have problems. So, I will use Charlie to inspect after I get work done in the future.” Leah Yeatts 9/2010

“I am known for always having a lot of questions. My inspector, Lee, made me feel very comfortable and answered all I had. The online system was easy to use and very informative – I love the games too! I love that my inspector was on time. No one is on time anymore and he was actually early, very impressive. Lee explained things on my level. He didn’t hesitate to go back and explain if I needed him to. The report was very thorough. I like how it was summarized and then broken down. When I first talked to Sandy I thought everything was too good to be true. Once the inspection began to the time I received my report, it was unbelievable. I can’t even explain it. Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!” – Kristi Broome 9/2010

“Y’all have been fabulous! And with the renovations/updating I want to do, I’d love a listing of the folks you recommend! I have praised Alpha to a couple of my friends already…..Thanks so much! ” – Sheri Ainsworth

Older Home

“The inspection was just for my benefit. I knew that buying an older house would be a challenge, but I know what I’m up against now. I feel good about the information I received. Your staff was great and made this all so easy. I can think of nothing you could do better!” – Allie Hernandez

New Construction

Thanks so much to Charlie and the entire team at Alpha for helping me out with my recent water leak. The documentation that Charlie provided me prompted my builder to take the action needed. I will most certainly continue to recommend Alpha Inspection to anyone needing this service! Julie Ferguson

Relocating to Mississippi

“The inspector’s communication with the client and me was excellent. Everything was explained in terms that we all could understand and necessary details were given. I feel this is a service on which I can depend and feel extremely comfortable recommending to my clients. The report was easy to understand and gives the information needed and wanted from a home inspection. On a scale of 1 to ten, I rate this company a 10. As far as doing better – just keep doing what you are doing, the call before the inspection, the detail explanation of the home inspection, the followup, and always being there to answer any questions and oh yes, you give great referrals.” Kim Bullock (Relocating to Mississippi)

“Communication was quick and to the point, just the way I like it. We were well informed of all actions to be taken during the inspection. The customer service was excellent! We really appreciate the time that Charlie took to explain the issues to us. This was very helpful. Charlie committed a great deal of time to inspecting and explaining and offered for us to call with any additional questions, etc. The report came very quickly – the next morning. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate your company – 10!”

“I was able to reach Alpha Inspection on my first call. We got confirmation of our appointment as well as our realtor – that was good to keep us all involved. Our inspector communicated with clear explanations and education on items we had little knowledge about; we appreciated the educational part of his explanations and findings. The few items we had questions about after the report was finished, the inspector researched for us. His discoveries and suggestions for remedial actions helped me feel confident in my negotiations with the previous owners and provided the backbone for our contingency plan for our home purchase. I thought your use of email services, payment options, feedback, little icons on your website, etc. were genius and easy to navigate – even for a recreational computer user like me. I received the report very quickly and timely – even when it used part of a weekend! The inspection report was extremely helpful and clear – especially the pictures. I also appreciated very much the offer for continued contact with our inspector and your company. I have called several times with follow up questions that were important to me about this house, but that were outside of the scope of the inspection and have received 150% friendly help on these items as well. Thank you very much!”

“Charlie was very professional & knowledgeable. I would work with him again & refer him to others looking for this service. He communicated what I should expect from him as an inspector as well as explaining his findings & the potential issues, if any. He was very thorough in his inspection. I was surprised to receive the report so soon. I especially liked that the main points are highlighted in the initial pages of the report & then summarized.”

First Time Home Buyer

“The inspector was very thorough, there were no surprises when I received the written report. I was completely satisfied with the service I received. The report was easy to read, and clarified the things that especially needed to be addressed.” – Emily Jones (First Time Home Buyer)

“The inspector kept the details of the inspection simple and put it in a language we could understand. The inspector was very thorough – we learned a lot. The service you provided was top notch.” – Walter & Ella Baylis

Real Estate Agent

“Very well-versed in issues. Fielded questions from client in precise and informative manner.” – Amanda Overby (Real Estate Agent)

Real Estate Agent

“The inspector’s communication to the buyer was informative, but not to alarm. I really liked that” – Peggy Carmen (Real Estate Agent)

First Time Home Buyer

“The inspector was friendly, thorough, kind, knowledgeable and gave great detail. The thoroughness of the inspection was excellent. I was extremely satisfied. This was a great source of information. Inspector Lee gave us the information we wanted on time and very thorough. He did not rush through the inspection, but explained everything. It really helps me to get organized & prioritize my repairs.” – Gladys Moak (First Time Home Buyer)

Bought Homes Before

“This will be the fourth home my husband and I have purchased, but the first time we have felt 100% secure our inspection was completed thoroughly and with our best interest at heart. Very well-trained, intelligent and professional staff. Great service!” – Bill & Cathy Bemus

Over the years, I’ve used several inspectors. Alpha was very thorough – complete with photos. I was pleased with the professionalism of the inspection. I would definitely recommend Alpha to my friends. I understand I can call for over the phone (minor) fix-it problems with step by step help – I’m sure I’ll call!” – Carol King

Helpful Communication

“Sandy was very professional and knowledgeable. She offered to be a source of not only inspection information, but area information as well, since we will be new to town. My husband, having grown up in the construction business, loved the thoroughness of the full report, while I loved the summary, which was more on my level of understanding. Since we were not able to be there in person, we really appreciated the pictures that are included along with the report. I’m not sure I can think of anything you could do better!” – Paul & Melissa Rasmussen

Real Estate Agent

“I’ve been very happy each time a client uses Alpha for their home inspection. Excellent reporting. I’d like to see some buyer cost saving coupons and / or tips on making the home more energy efficient included in the initial folder or on the website or report.” – Roger Garza