Home Inspection FAQs

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection in Madison and Brandon, Mississippi is a visual examination of the accessible systems in a home at a given point in time to identify items that have failed, are unsafe or near the end of their life.

Why do I need a home inspection?

Your home inspection in Madison, Brandon and Jackson Mississippi will provide information about the home and educate you on systems within the home. The inspection will enable you to correct any safety items or be prepared for correcting larger financial items. Our goal is to help eliminate ugly surprises.

What is covered under the home inspection?

Major systems in the home such as the roof, structure, foundation, exterior, interior, electrical, HVAC, plumbing and ventilation systems are covered. Items that are solely cosmetic, swimming pools, spas, specialty systems such as telephone and cable TV are not covered.

When do I call in the home inspector?

There are several times a home inspector can assist you.

– When purchasing a home, specifically after the contract has been signed and before the contingency term is over, typically about 10 days.
– When preparing to sell a home. You will benefit the most prior to starting any projects.
– When building a home. Phase inspections can start as early as the pouring of the foundation.
– When completing renovation projects.

How long will the home inspection take?

Many factors affect the length of the inspection. Typically, you can expect approximately 1 hours per 1000 square feet. However, we encourage clients to be at the inspection and ask questions. While this will lengthen the time of the inspection, the client receives a better education on the home and usually is more peaceful and confident about the condition of the property.

What happens if there are problems found during the inspection?

All homes whether newly constructed or historical will have some items needing attention. These are reported, explained, and questions continue to be answered throughout the real estate transaction and after.

Who should attend the inspection?

While it is not a requirement, our clients are encouraged to attend the inspection.

Should new homes be inspected?

Yes, new homes should be inspected. There are many subcontractors working on each home and even the best builders are not able to be on site all the time.