How We Price Inspections

Pricing Inspections in Brandon, Madison, & Jackson Mississippi

How much does a home inspection cost in Madison or Brandon, & Jackson Mississippi? This is usually one of the first question we are asked when people call to schedule an inspection. To be honest, it would be at the top of our list if we were the ones calling. So here is the answer – it depends.

Now let me explain the variables and give you a good idea of what you would be paying for the inspection. First, most inspectors in our state base their prices on the square footage of the home. The simple reason is the larger the house the longer it will take to inspect. In larger homes there may also be additional systems such as more than one air-conditioner or water heater. Other homes may have specialized appliances. All these take time to inspect and additional report writing time. So basically, our inspections start at $315 for a small house with no extras. If you pay by cash or check you will receive a $10 discount.

So, our pricing is based on the size and extra items which relate to time and in some cases additional training or tools needed. Here are some specifics:

When a home has a crawlspace there is an additional fee. Our inspectors use Tyvek suits and crawl under the house.

For houses over 2700sf we include thermal imaging using an infra-red camera. This allows us to see temperature differences which can be an indication of moisture or other issues. We then use additional tests to determine the cause. For smaller houses this can be added for an additional fee.

Age can be a factor when pricing an inspection. Older homes, built prior to 1955 often require more time and testing.

Our team is very familiar with irrigation systems. Charlie worked for an irrigation company prior to starting his own business and has trained the inspectors on the systems.

A common concern for most home buyers (and owners) in Mississippi is the foundation. While there are many symptoms and indications of foundation movement some buyers prefer to have an elevation survey done. This is an additional service we are happy to provide. Even if a home does not appear to have foundation issues this can be a baseline to use in the future.

Travel is the last item to discuss right now. Our normal service area is the Jackson Metropolitan area. We use our office and do not charge a fee if the inspection is within a 30 mile radius. Outside the 30 mile radius to 60 miles we charge mileage. Outside the 60 mile radius we also charge a travel fee. Again, this is a matter of time.

Our goal is to be fair to our clients and fair to our inspectors. When more time is needed at one property we want to give it the time needed and not feel we need to rush to get to the next job. Pricing things fairly and properly allows us to give each property the attention it deserves.

If you have questions about our pricing please give us a call. We will be happy to talk to you. We love our military and first responders and are happy to arrange a discount for their homes.