Pre-Listing Home Inspections

In many parts of the county a pre-listing inspection has become the norm. In Brandon, Jackson, Madison, Mississippi and the surrounding areas it is still virtually unknown. Why is the incredible marketing tool not being utilized here in Central Mississippi? Most sellers think the inspection is “suppose” to be paid for by the buyers. While this is common it also puts the buyer in control. As the seller if you have completed an inspection prior to putting your home on the market you have gained a great advantage in the selling process.

Some of your advantages include:

No more 11th-hour re-negotiations based on the inspector’s findings.

Often the contract is contingent on a home inspection. Many buyers use the inspection to renegotiate the deal. With an inspection in hand they have leverage to push the sale in their direction. When the inspection is completed prior to the contract being signed there is no re-negotiations needed.

No more helpless feelings that an inspector has raised an issue that is not a big problem.

Since you are having the inspection done, you have the ability to discuss the findings with the inspector and to be sure there is no misunderstanding about their findings.

No more buyers getting cold feet when they find out the home is not perfect.

No home is perfect. While we all know that statement is true, emotions can be strong when looking at purchasing a new home and some buyers may feel a need to have things perfect before buying a home. Your goal is to sell your home. Let potential buyers know from the start the condition of the home and still fall in love with it.

You choose the inspection company and inspector based on reputation and credentials.

There are many companies in central Mississippi to choose from, and many your buyer can choose from. You need to stay in control and be sure the best and MOST HONEST inspector works for you.

Disclose and decide how you will repair

Most, if not all homes in Brandon, MS, have room for improvement. Disclosing the condition of the home allows you to reflect the condition in the listing price, rather than have to negotiate again later when the issues are discovered. You may want to get estimates to correct a item and include those with the report. Of course, you can repair the items yourself, either personally or by hiring a professional, then have the home re-inspected with the corrected items noted. Again, you are in control.

And of course… the plan is for your home to sell faster and for a higher price

Sell your home without the unnecessary headaches. Life is too short.

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