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Alpha Building Consultants Is A Trusted Source for Accurate Home Inspections

Home inspections are part of most real estate transactions. As a real estate agent, you are handling multiple properties. There are times when you see something unusual or have questions about a property you are listing or showing. Charlie will be happy to answer questions or if needed, complete an inspection of the property or a component of the property.
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Get The Whole Story With A Trustworthy Home Inspection Service

At Alpha Building Consultants, we’ll use our years of experience both as an inspection company and previously as contractors to provide the needed information to you and your clients. Our Inspector will:

  • Provide an easy to read report with photos of the property
  • Effectively communicate information with the client and their real estate agent
  • Offer Infrared imagining
  • Offer mold testing
  • Offer elevation surveys and more

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