Seller’s Consultation

For Brandon, Madison and Jackson home sellers there is a new, special service just for you. The Home Seller’s Consultation is designed to be an economical way for sellers to prepare their home for the sale. While a Brandon or Madison MS Seller’s Inspection is still available the difference is with the Seller’s Consultation there is no written report. As your inspector walks through the home and he will explain things which you should know prior to a Buyer’s Inspection. You and your Realtor are invited to take notes and ask questions. Since the fee is hourly based, and a typical consultation is about 2 hours long, the overall fee is considerably lower than a standard inspection. You are also welcome to decide if you want the inspector to go into all areas of the home including crawlspaces, workshops, pool houses etc… or if you have specific areas of concern were you want to concentrate your time and effort.

The hourly rate for a Seller’s Consultation is at a discounted price of only $99 an hour with a two hour minimum. You can have the peace of eliminating ugly surprises found during a Buyer’s Home Inspection. There will be less chances of your deal falling apart and you will have the time you need and freedom to choose the contractors of your choice to make the changes you desire.

Many Brandon and Madison, MS home sellers ask “do different inspector find different things?” The answer is, yes, there will be variances in any two inspections however, major items should be the same when inspected by replicable inspectors. Alpha Inspectors are known for their thoroughness.

If you are thinking of selling a home in Central Mississippi call us today and set up your Seller’s Consultation.

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