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Fun, laughter and calming music are all available. We tried to avoid offensive things including language but a few comedians might push the edge a little.

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The Piano Guys

Some of us find music to be extremely relaxing and destressing. The Piano Guys have a variety of vidoes and music that can bring joy and peace – at least to Sandy and Cori! By the way….it is a pianist and cellist…. Let us know what you think.

Terry Fator

Jeff Foxworthy

John Pinette – The Buffet


This game is played like a bubble pop game but the “bubbles” are cute little creatures. For whatever reason it is relaxing.

All Year Round Turkey Bowl

Bowling for Turkeys This is special for the Thanksgiving Season. It seems pretty easy at first but does get faster and more challenging as the game progresses. Have fun!

Penguin Catapult

Crazy Penguin Catapult
ANOTHER wonderful Penguin game. This one takes some work and Sandy and Cori have only made it through the first section. However, we just found it! Let us know what you think

How Well Can You Park?

Park My Car
Not as easy as it sounds. Beware not to hurt the pedestrians or the animals!

Putt Putt, A New Level of Fun

Wonderfputt Golf
A wonderful, whimsical game of putt putt. The game is unique and fun. Give it a try.

NOT A GAME – Learn to Draw Strange Pictures

Learn How To DRAW
If you ever watched PBS as a kid you may remember Mark Kistler’s “Imagaination Station”. He now has a website with teaching videos. The whole family has been drawing together and Sandy – who has NEVER been able to draw – actually can draw recognizable pictures


This one is for Charlie. He has moved up many levels while Sandy just gets frustrated. See how well you can do.

Be Santa’s Helper

Have fun seeing how far you can throw the paper airplane. Designing the plane is very important!

Be Santa’s Helper

A special for the holidays for all you physics lovers. Build ramps, jumps and more to help Santa deliver all his gifts. Sandy has made it through all the levels!

Where in the World

What Do You Know – Okay, we home schooled for years and this could be thought of as an educational site but really it can be an addictive game. Name, place or locate states, countries, geographical areas and more. . . all over the world. Do you know where Turkmenistan is?

Darwin Awards

Darwin Awards – A site honoring those who have improved the gene pool – by removing themselves from it. Another favorite of Charlie’s.

World Clocks
This site is full of clocks and more. There is a countdown to Christmas, food clocks (how much is produced, eaten), world population and more. It can be interesting to watch how quickly things happen in the world. You can switch from a daily view to weekly, monthly or annual.

Fun with Marbles
We accidently stumbled upon this game a few weeks ago. Sandy has tested it thoroughly to be sure it was worthy of being on our site. After many tries she decided to let it on. See what you think.

Hole in One! This new game is for Sandy’s father, Bill Turner, who recently scored his seventh hole-in-one! Great job Dad! Keep swinging. To make things easier, this is a putt-putt game, but it’s still fun!

While jigsaws usually take up a lot of space and time, here’s a website where you can keep things clean and easy. Choose from a variety of puzzles, styles, number of pieces and more. When I (Sandy) was growing up my family did a puzzle now and then. The best one was a group of candy kisses – all silver and brown. Anyone top that for difficulty? Start Your Jigsaw

Magic Pen
For those of you who are logical thinkers, like physics and other puzzle solving types. This game has 26 levels and each challenges your thinking and abilities. Give it a try. There are forums with hints and helps but give it a try first. (The geeks on these sites say levels can be done with a score of 1 or 2 – guess we’re not that talented).

Whack the Penguin
Charlie’s favorite game. Don’t worry about the little guys – see the smile on their faces? They like the game too.

Eyeball How good are your eyes? Can you find the middle of the line? Charlie loves this game and so far is the family winner. Give it a try and be sure to post your scores.

Mouse Trap – This looks easier than it is. If you played ‘Mouse Trap’ as a kid, you’ve got to give this a try.

Do You Remember Frogger? Do you remember the hours of fun playing Frogger? Then this is the game for you. Just like the old original (best that we can tell) and free to play online. Give it a try and see if it’s as fun as you remember.

Ok, this is addictive. Just like the bubble game except the bubbles spin. It is fun to try to make it spin in the right direction so you can get the next color set up right. It doesn’t take long to play, doesn’t require a lot of thinking so some of us find it very relaxing. Give it a try. A good beginning score is about 600.

Pigs – a mindless, relaxing pig stacking game – a favorite for many. The music alone will bring peace…

Bookworm – is for you word lovers. See how many words you can feed the bookworm. This is Sandy’s favorite.

How Fast Is Your Reaction? This is driving me nuts! The best I can get is the “Bobbing Bobcat”. How good are your reactions. To find out, click to play and then see if you can hit the sheep with the dart and make them snooze. If you hit it too soon you will be penalized! (Oh – and no animals were harmed during this game!)

Word Wise Join in the fun and play “WhizzWordz”. Take the letters you’re given and see how many words you can create. Sounds easy but you never know what letters will be given. If you use some strategy you can up your points and maybe even get into the top listings. Keep in mind this can be a very addictive game.

Bauns – Feeling a little destructive? Practice your aim while blow up walls with a steel ball.
Plumber – create a continuous pipeline.