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Electrical Panel Lock:

400 amp service panel without lock could be fatel.

Older Home Electrical Panel Breaker Ties

During this home inspection in the Fondren area of Jackson, MS our inspector shows the proper products to use when tying breakers together.

Older Home Update:

This older home had an electrical panel updated – was it done correctly?

Electrical Conduit Missing:

Saving a few dollars can cause serious injury or death

Zinsco Electrical Panel:

Zinsco Electrical Panel (Sylvania) problem explained

Getting Electricity Safely into Your Home:

Service entrance cabels are provided by the utility company but you still need to know if there is a problem.

Electrical Panel What To Do With Open Spaces:

Your panel may have openings with energized areas behind. What you can do to keep your panel safe.

Protecting Your Electronics with a Ground Clamp:

Improperly installed a ground clamp cannot provide protection for your home, especially your electronics.

Ground Clamps:

Use an acorn clamp to ground your electrical system to the ground.

Ground Rod:

Ground rods should be 8′ long and the electrial code says they need to be fully driven into the ground.

Copper Pipe is No Replacement for a Fuse:

Sometimes people do things to ‘trick’ a system into working.

Electrical Panel Explanations:

In this video Charlie explains several aspects of an electrical panel. Electrical Safety Due to Missing Connector