Energy Tips for Your Home

Below are several videos taken in Brandon, Madison and Jackson Mississippi showing ways to improve the comfort of your home. These are just quick minutes taken either while on a home inspection or during an energy weatherization project. For more information please contact our office.

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Tape for Air Sealing Should be UL Rated:

The right products really do matter.

The Value of an Attic Tent:

The pull downstairs to the attic next to your return air vent will cause major energy loss. An attic tent is an answer and is easy to install.

Canned Lights:

Canned lights can make you loss the air you’ve paid to cool or heat and replace it with unconditioned air. What can you do?

Energy Leaks Through Your Electrical Panel:

Air can be pulled through your panel. A symptom might be dust in the panel.

Sealing Holes in the Attic:

New home without it’s insulation yet – a great chance to see why you need to air seal.