The Exterior of Your Home

What do inspections in Brandon and Madison, Mississippi look for on the exterior of your home? Our inspectors start on the exterior and walk the roof, crawl under the home (when possible) and look at everything from the foundation to the shingles. The following videos were mostly taken in Brandon, Madison, Jackson or Vicksburg, Mississippi and explain what they have found. Enjoy.

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Bubbling Gas Valve:

Why is the gas valve bubbling? How will it affect the home owner?

Weep Holes:

So why are there weep holes? Why do home inspectors (and you) care when they are below the ground? Watch and see.

A Look at Cracks in the Yard: What do cracks in your yard mean? Why is water so important to your foundation.

A Look at a Slate Roof:

During an inspection in Vicksburg Charlie encountered a slate roof. While we don’t see too many slate roofs in Mississippi our inspectors have contacts in all areas of the country. Charlie called a friend in New England who sees slate roofs every day for tips and suggestions for inspecting the roof.

Plumbing Vent Flashing:

The black seal found at the roof line under your pumbing vent. A common, incorrect fix.

Crawlspace Reveals Asbestos:

Is asbestos a good thing or a bad thing?

Wiring in a crawlspace:

An inspection of an older home found both new romex and old knob and tube electrical systems, spliced together.

Defective Flashing on the Roof:

On an inspection in Jackson, Charlie found a rather unique fix on the roof.

A Look at a Slate Roof: (Part 2)

The underside of the slate.

Attic Support System:

Technically this is indoors but really goes with the exterior and structural systems. Mississippi State Standards only require an inspector to look in the attic. This is one of the reasons we go through the attic.

Crawlspace Surprises:

If you live in an older home with bouncy floors this is a video for you. Crawling through the crawlspace can reveal all types of things, even leaks and water damage (thus bouncy floors).

Care for Stained Doors:

Homes with beautiful, natural wood doors want to keep them looking great. Without the proper care they not only lose their beauty but they can begin to deteriorate and need to be replaced. Save your door with these easy steps.

Why Home Inspectors Should Walk the Roof:

This new construction in Madison, MS where some unusual defects are found. They wouldn’t have been found looking from the ground.

A Twisted Chimney?

This is actually a look at the attic view of an unique chimney found during a home inspection.