Inspecting the Interior of Your Home – Videos

After your inspector completes the outside of your home the interior begins. Whether in Brandon, Madison or Jackson the plan is the same. A systematic approach from room to room checking electrical, plumbing, HVAC, structural systems and more. You are always welcome to be a part of the inspection process. Some inspection companies prefer the client wait until the inspection is complete and then just come for a wrap up. We invite you to be there for the entire process.

Here are a few interior videos to let you see and understand what your inspector is looking for:

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Smoke Detector Age:

This is a great, unique old home but the smoke detector is very out dated. How old is your detector?

Carbon Monoxide Leak:

Obviously any threat of a CO leak is a safety issue. Here a couple of missing screws could make all the difference.

Investor’s Inspection Finds Water in Walls:

During an investor’s inspection in Jackson, Charlie finds evidence of moisture in the walls. This video shows how our inspectors check for moisture.

Older Home Plumbing:

While inspecting in the Fondren Neighborhood of Jackson Charlie shows how to test the water pressure in an older home.

Attic Stairs:

This is a extremely common find during inspections. Charlie actually had one ‘leave’ him as he was coming out of the attic one day. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt but it is such an easy fix there is no reason not to do it!


Exhaust vents not screwed together. Glad we went into the attic.

Dryer Vent:

FIRE HAZARD. The video is outside but the problem starts inside. There are several things commonly found relating to the dryer vent. Many of the problems are easy, quick fixes and most of them are a fire hazard if they aren’t corrected.


A little missing mortar can be dangerous.

Separation Between a Garage and Home:

Fire rated pull down stairs in the garage ensure a fire in the garage doesn’t quickly spread to the attic and then the house.

Funny Fix:

Sometimes inspectors find creative “fixes” for their home.

Range Safety:

Imagine pulling a 20 lbs turkey out of the oven and having the range start tipping toward you. Charlie shares a more frightening example in the video.

Wall Oven:

This is an inspection of a newly built home. A couple screws left out could spell disaster.

Whirlpool Tub:

This tub looked nice and clean before the test. Do you have a whirlpool tub? What would happen if the test was done in your home?

Missing Anti-Tip Bracket

Another missing bracket. Allen explains the importants of installing them.