Sample Home Inspection Reports

Whether you are looking to hire a home inspector in the Brandon, Madison or Jackson, Mississippi area you will want to look over a few sample home inspection reports. Educating yourself on what to expect from a home inspection is the first step in obtaining a thorough and beneficial inspection.

How can a Brandon, Madison or Jackson Home Inspection help you when you are purchasing a home?

The home inspection is designed to help educate you on the condition of the home at the time of the inspection. It should help give you a basis by knowing the age and life expectancy of the various systems in your home. However, it is not a specific prediction of the life of any system.

You may be surprised to know, a home inspection is not created as a negotiating tool before purchasing the home. You may work with your real estate agent to negotiate some items but that is between you and your real estate agent. The report itself is really designed for you and to give you an honest, clear view of the home.

Your Brandon, Madison or Jackson home inspection report is also a tool to give you peace of mind when buying your new home. The report will help ensure there are no ugly surprises waiting for you after you move in. This can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars by being prepared before you need to replace a system or put on a new roof. Home need repairs, that is part of owning a home. You don’t have to be taken by surprise and left unprepared for the expense.

When looking at an inspection report you want good, narrative statements that explain what has been found. A check list or a few hand written comments do not give you the information you need. Also be sure there are plenty of clear, color photos.

Now at you know a little bit about what to expect from your Brandon home inspection report, take a look at the report that most closely fits your new home.

*Note: These are sample reports, put together to give you an idea of the type of things found in an inspection report. They may not meet the state standards.

Another service we offer is the RecallChek report. You can read about it on our “Offers for You” page. Here is a sample report for you to see.